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A online award room (OAR) is an interactive web page page that displays a replica award display area containing various types of awards.  Including but not limited to Ribbons, Trophies, Plaques, and much more. This Online Award Room will then be posted, allowing you to display your accomplishments to interested parties.

The background image might be an image of the member’s tack room, business office, presentation center, trophy case, etc. Each trophy or award object that the member places within their room can have one or more related hidden objects (EG: text, hyperlink, image, video…) that are revealed when a visitor to the award room clicks on the main object.

The member the online award room belongs to can select award objects from a library of predefined objects to add objects to their room. A member can customize the award with text.

An online award room can only be modified by the owner of the online award room. An owner is a registered eAwardz.com member.

In order to create an online award room a person must create an account at eAwardz.com. Internet users may visit eAwardz.com and browse and view online award rooms that have been created by registered eAwardz.com members.

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